CouplesFit02: 3 Significant Ways encouragement Helps Bring Out the athlete in Each Other

Everyone is an athlete. I truly believe that. Whether you are a practicing athlete, or it’s still hidden within, Athleticism is a beast that can take your life and relationship to a whole new level. Everyone knows their limits, and with time, they can push themselves to a new level of fitness and health.
How does this fit in with your relationship? Believe it or not, encouragement and interaction really helps with progress and sticking to goals. Especially with a spouse, your relationship makes a difference in how you view your training, and how you view each other. I want to explain how encouragement brings out the inner athlete in each other.
Depending on your relationship, the process can be a little different. If you both are in decent shape then you can amp up your workouts to be more challenging. If you are new to fitness, this will help improve your progress and results. These three irrefutable factors will make all the difference in your relationship and your athletic goals.

1. Be Enthusiastic

Just like with any form of communication, it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Very true with encouragement and truly bringing out the best in each other. Enthusiasm shows emphasis on your love and care towards them and their progress. It shows a genuine care for their wellbeing and your relationship.

Be excited!

Show your enthusiasm when they hit new goals, make healthy choices, or win a competition.
Give high fives, hugs and kisses. Shout with excitement, throw your hands in the air, or do a little dance. Express this enthusiasm in any form and do it often.
Whatever you do, don’t be dull. Saying a simple “good job” lacks the effective gusto compared to: “WOW! This is amazing. I am so happy you reached your new goal! Let’s celebrate!” Even in words, the latter looks and sounds better.

Enthusiasm is contagious. Encourage them with enthusiasm and it will carry to their workouts, and show a better change in your relationship. The more enthusiasm you show, the more enthusiastic they feel about accomplishing their goals.

2. Push yourself harder with the “I want to impress” mentality

I’m not sure about you, but I love to impress my wife, and I know she loves to impress me. It’s something that is built within us to show our significant other how strong, capable and disciplined we are. My wife and I do the majority of our workouts together. My workouts are better this way because I know she is watching and noticing my progress.
Does this mean that I need her watching to push myself? No, but it sure does help. Think about it. When will you run the hardest, by yourself or with someone else running with you? Most likely when you have that partner. You want to show the other person you are an awesome runner and you will keep up or out run them. I want my wife to see that I am bringing out the best in myself and showing her I am strong, making progress, and dedicated towards my goals.
As a couple this means adding more weights, more reps or pushing for a better completion times during your workouts. Vocal encouragement during the workouts help push yourself hard for longer periods of time.
Even if you are not working out as a couple every time, or even at the same time, let each other know how the workout went. Keep a conversation going, “Did you bench that 310lb goal yet?” “Were you able to cut your mile run down 30 seconds?” This is not just about showing off, but it’s also looking to give encouragement showing you are impressed with progress. This method is a little flirty, which is good in a relationship. Keep open communication and find ways to show that you care about each other’s goals and improvements.
*Side note* Please be careful and do not brag. Bragging brings down the other person with your achievements. Being better than someone is never wrong, but shoving it in their face is. Be kind and courteous with comments, and look at what you are saying from the other person’s point of view.

3. Give encouragement outside of the workout

If you workout together, the encouragement is a given. What’s really important is the encouragement in everyday life, outside the workout. The best times to give this encouragement is when you start seeing results in their fitness level and after they hit new goals. Do this in normal life and find ways to bring up encouragement in everyday conversation. Again, doing this outside the workout is important, because the encouragement comes from all parts of their life reinforcing their health and fitness choices. Giving this sort of encouragement really brings out that inner athlete, because not only do they feel like an athlete in their workouts, but in all aspects of their life. They start living like an athlete.
Nothing drives better action than encouragement and reinforcement for good choices and behaviors. The more you encourage, the better the results. When training for specific events, always celebrate new milestones and successes together. Recognize the hard work, determination and discipline required to achieve those results and communicate it with both verbal and nonverbal communication.
If one of you is competing in a specific athletic event, consistent reinforcement and encouragement can make or break success. Athletes require focus and positive thinking days leading to their completion. Providing the encouragement means their mind is thinking on winning, and you are pushing them towards the finish line. Since you are a couple and the relationship has significant value, encouragement’s impact is more important and long lasting. Knowing that you support them, and believe in them fuels the fire to perform better.
Also, the health of your overall relationship really matters in athletic performance. Very few factors distracts me more than ill feelings towards my wife. When we fight or argue without resolving the issue, it sticks with me. If I try ignoring the issue during a workout, my mind lingers, thinking about argument and how to fix it. Try resolving issues, and keep up the encouragement.

Encouragement factors for motivating each other, bringing out that inner athlete so you both grow your improve your bodies and relationship. Remember to keep the encouragement enthusiastic showing you truly mean it. The enthusiasm goes a long way in how it affects each person. Try to encourage and push each other with the “I want to impress” mentality. Having someone noticing your progress is big motivation for working harder and getting results. Finally, give encouragement outside the workouts because you want them to feel like an athlete in all parts of their life. Never stop encouraging each other, and you will see the results in your workouts and your relationship.