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    The Athlete On Fire Network


Athlete On Fire Show

This is the signature show of the platform and what started it all. Listen to world class athletes, adventurers, and entrepreneurs bridge the gap!

Voyage Into Hell

Voyage Into Hell is a podcast series following the story of a sailboat rally around the world that ran into some crazy adventures, pirates, and tragedy.

Dre "All Day" Baldwin

Dre Baldwin is bringing his energy and expertise twice a week to the Athlete On Fire network. A prolific content creator, entrepreneur, and former pro athlete will give you something to think about every time.


Sisu Radio is a weekly show featuring some of the most intense and successful endurance athletes in the world. It skews towards obstacle and adventure racing but you'll get a little bit of everything, every Saturday from host Cookie and his guests!

Sponsorship For Athletes

Vickie Saunders is an expert on all things sponsorships for athletes and brands. She has written two books on the subject and continues to empower athletes to find their niche in the market. She shares these tricks and tips on the show.

Becoming Ultra

The Becoming Ultra Show is produced by Athlete On Fire in house. It follows the journey of runners embarking on their first ultra run, while being coached by a couple of the best in the business. Great for beginners and veterans of the trail!

My First Ultra

This show is a quick interview show with runners talking about the first ultra they ever ran. Why did they sign up? How did they train? What gear did they use? Would they do it again? We learn from others mistakes and get inspired by their actions!

Ultra Dirt

The ultra running community is pretty unique. This co hosted show from two ultra runners in Canada, Tory and Arielle, is going to dive into the not so pretty, not so comfortable part of the ultra world that noone is talking about!

Work Hard, Play Harder

Stevie Kremer is a world class mountain runner, a 3rd grade teacher, and as down to earth as you will ever find. She shares why working hard and playing hard is important, and where it takes her regularly.