Okay, you are interested in coaching. But before you start, YOU ARE an Athlete. Now it’s time to reach YOUR potential.

Athlete On Fire Coaching:

Before the coaching begins.

I am going to find out what you “think” your limits are. I am going to be honest, and harsh when I need to be. At some point you will credit the coaching for something you have done. And, as always, I will correct you. It was always you and always will be, I’m just facilitating stuff around here!

Coaching Philosophy

Based in science, supported by experience!


It has been debated for a very long time whether coaching is a science or an art. Well, I’m going to let you decide. I will tell you a story about how I came to my “style” of coaching. I finished my Masters in Exercise Science in 2003. The program was amazing. My advisor and lead professor of the program was a brilliant, charismatic man. He started a sports performance franchise in Huntington, West Virginia and based all of the training protocol strictly on the science. Trainers were interchangeable within the program and I was training NFL prospects for the combine my second year right along morbidly overweight clients, youth, and everyday recreational athletes.


bodpodWe had every major testing apparatus and technology I could hope for and it was by all accounts, an Olympic Training Center for the public. It was simple. The exercise physiology determined the program. Shin angle for the shuttle, vertical displacement for runners, VO2 Maxes, Wingates, Woodway treadmills, and biomechanical analysis. We spoke the language to our clients. We spoke just enough over them to be the authority that we were. And it worked. And it was impressive.


At this point in my career I had my textbook definition of what it meant to be an athlete. Something along the lines of endurance, agility, strength and the mastery of a skill related to a sport or athletic pursuit. I don’t know. I just remember it was boxed up. The only real debate was whether runners were athletes or not because of the single plane they moved in. If you have listened to any podcasts here on the site, you know I consider runners amazing athletes.


I moved to Colorado and headed the Sports Performance program for the first sold franchise, The HIT Center. I began to meet endurance athletes and challenging myself with runs, and triathlons, and rides. My clientele diversified. I still enjoyed working with elite athletes, but I was starting to enjoy finding what made other people feel like an athlete. My evolution as a trainer, coach, and exercise physiologist has come to this philosophy that I believe today.


There is no such thing as a non athlete. The disabled, diseased, uninformed, untested, unskilled, and whatever other seemingly obvious condition related to NOT being an athlete is too narrow to define what is actually going on.


It’s easy to say Michael Jordan or Kara Goucher is an athlete but to the athleticism that can’t be expressed due to circumstance or exposure(how or where you grow up) or physiological deficiency(disease or disability), I think we can pull the best from these athletes. I have done it with and am doing it with clients now and it will always be a passion of mine in this field I love.


That being said, finding ways to squeeze out the last tenths of a percent of progress from elites and traditionally higher level athletes has never been as exciting to me.  I just like working with ATHLETES, and you are ALL athletes!


There are really two types of athletes I am working with:

1. Athletes Who Know They Are Athletes

We won’t waste any time. Good science, collaboration, and reverse engineered program development are going to help you reach your goals. Because I have limited availability for new clients, we have to make sure we are on the same page with a 15-30 minute consult on Skype. The consultation is free, as it is my investment to ensure we are a fit. It’s one I have been making for the last four years of coaching and training.

How does it work?

Let’s say the consult is going to go great.  I don’t want to waste your time so here is how it works. Coaching is paid monthly: I’d like to say a minimum of 3 months but I won’t, you can leave whenever you want. The basics of what it includes:








Pricing: $175/month Click Here to Schedule Your Pre Coaching Consult

2. Athletes Who Do Not Know They Are Athletes

The first thing we will do is figure out what you are meant to, willing to, and destined to do as an athlete.  Nothing is ridiculous and really, just about anything is possible.  We will spend as long as we need to figure this out together.  Then we formalize.  There is only one program for this category.

It includes everything above but with the added care of really tapping into who you are and want to be as an athlete.  The calls will be a bit longer and the access a bit more in general.  It’s not going to be an easy path but an exciting journey.  I want to help you Eat, Sleep, and Breathe something you are passionate about.  This was a post about how I define “athlete” that you may be able to relate to, even if these clients of mine were somewhat extreme cases. I love the potential in everyone!

Pricing: $225/month

And of course, coaching isn’t for everyone, but if you think you know someone it might be for, shoot them to this page.  Thanks so much for taking the time to read about how I do coaching for Athletes, you.