Free The Trainer Chapter 3

Equipment and getting creative with your training.

I’ve saved some money to get equipment. Now what?


There are TONS of equipment (both literally and figuratively) that you can buy to train your clients. But deciding on what is a necessity and what isn’t can be tricky. We always recommend starting small and cheap. Fitness equipment doesn’t have to be fancy. The industry is what has made it this way. Once you get out of the mindset that you need expensive equipment, you can help your clients to understand that they don’t need this either. And this can open up many opportunities for you in your area.


In this chapter, we want to start with a challenge and then give you some ideas that you may not have thought of.


After this challenge as well as the challenges in Chapters 1 and 2, you should have plenty of locations and exercises to keep your clients busy. Also, locations, exercises, and equipment should no longer be an excuse as to why training outside of the gym can’t work (if that is something you were telling yourself).
It’s easy to want to buy stuff for a new business, but early on, focus on the person.  Give the best service.  Pay the most attention.  Ask for reasonable referrals. Be on time.  Good equipment won’t keep them around but great service will.


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