CoolDown: 007 A summer of ultra’s from around the world.

After a long summer of traveling the world and doing what he does best, run really far, Brendan is back home in the Blue Mountains of Australia and he is putting his stamp on the running community as usual. After an impressive showing at the Western States Endurance Run and racing at UTMB he is already excited to go back and see if he can improve. He shares what it is like to race at a high level for everyone who will never have a chance to do so. He dives in to a couple things he did wrong and how he is going to improve.
Reenergized after getting home he relaunched his coaching business and is excited to help other runners reach their goals, no matter what level. He has also partnered up and started Trail Kids, a great movement to get kids in Australia, well, moving. Listen to a humble elite athlete as he reflects on the summer that was all about running and see if he gives you any ideas on starting your own movement!
The CoolDown is all about sitting down after a long run, a tough game, a great workout and talking about everything that is being an athlete.
IMG_6904_brendan_landscapeResources from the show

Upcoaching– Brendan’s coaching company website. It has gone through a rehaul so you need to check it out for some inspiration and perspective.
Trail Kids– His movement to get kids on trails.
His personal athlete blog is HERE.

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