CoolDown: 016 Jason Robillard and Sherpa John Lacroix: Present day ultra culture, “research” saying running is bad for you, Born To Run casting, and fights on the trails.

This show was recorded and released on February 6, 2015:

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Here is one of the studies we were referring to when talking about how to discern research.


“For me, it’s free drugs.”

Sherpa John on why he runs long distances. Speaking to the physiological happenings during such efforts.


“Journalists are typically dumba$$es regarding research conclusions.”

See above regarding how to understand how to read literature on a given topic.

Other awesome topics on this episode of the CoolDown:
Check out John’s race site where he plans on keeping the roots of the ultra culture alive and well. Human Potential Running
Listen for a couple interesting workouts the guests provide near the end!


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