CoolDown: 015 Daren De Heras: Getting engaged at a Spartan Race, dealing with injury as you age, Patagonia, and the secretive event you need to check out.

This show was recorded and released on January 29, 2015:

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Daren has a lot going on these days. From race directing to racing himself, he still considers balancing athletic pursuit with family a huge priority.


“I always thought that harder meant better.”

Injuries are going to happen after a lifetime of activity. Daren talks about how to better take care of yourself to insure you can do this moving thing for a very long time.


“It was one of the most emotional things I ever did.”

He talks about Fuego Y Agua and his friend he raced with and how it was a moving experience. He also talks about the blind athlete that he helped finish a brutal race and the effect it had on those around him!

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Other awesome topics on this episode of the CoolDown:
A Patagonia expedition coming up.
The engagement that almost stopped a race from happening.
Also, here are a couple books Daren strongly suggests:
Obstacle Race Training
All Things Ella

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