CoolDown: 014 Jason Robillard: Why you can’t stick to a goal, tough love, and PED’s in ultra running and MMA.

This show was recorded and released on January 14, 2015:

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Jason and his wife actually threw away 15 lbs of candy when their three kids wouldn’t behave. This, this is why we love this guest. The topic was why consistency is so important in parenting and training as an athlete.


“You’ve got to find out what motivates your kid.”

Seven or eight days? That’s it? That is the average length of a New Year’s Resolution. While Jason and I don’t know how to motivate everyone, his psychology background with my training input gives you a few actionable points to use to stay on track longer. HINT: Social media may be hurting your goal setting.


“People Miss the value of the journey.”

What is the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic goals? How can it help you with yours? We chat a little about the difference and Jason shares what works for him.

“I’d be at an aid station during a 100 miler and people would be offering each other Vicadin.”

Although Performance Enhancing Drugs seem to improve performance, a little due diligence never hurt. This is mostly an opinion piece. I’ll share mine here in case you don’t want to listen. Don’t be an idiot.

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