Reaction: Tommy Watkins

Reaction: Trish Downing

Reaction: posts are going to be thoughts and takeaways from something that really stuck from one of the guests on Athlete on Fire. What reaction or thoughts did the Trish Downing show give you?


The whole story is amazing, really amazing. A young vibrant cyclist coming home from a training ride in Colorado and gets hit by a car and there it is, the defining moment. Trish of course does more than define the moment, she has gone on to redefine able.

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Do you eat, sleep, and breathe anything?

I thought I was there. I thought I ate, slept and breathed my events. I was wrong. To eat, sleep, and breathe something is not always a choice. It comes from deep inside yourself when finally your passion and expertise line up with what you can offer

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Here are the Rules of Athlete on Fire as told by me, the host, Scott Jones.

  1. Never British

    I love the UK and have met some amazing people there but I WILL NOT use them for their lovely voices on my podcast intro, mainly because every other show does.  Yes, I’m sure I am

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Why did this coach’s son become an entrepreneur?

Why am I an entrepreneur?  Well, I have been asked that question so many times and the answer I usually blurt out is that I don’t work well for others, or I love my freedom, or I want to make a bigger difference than what I can working for someone else.  Maybe those are true, or partly true, but recently I think I figured it out.

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I am an Athlete on Fire: An identity

I am an Athlete on Fire.
I have pushed my body to it’s limit, often.
I have pushed others to their limit as a result.
I have felt broken, yet I pushed forward.
I have felt invincible, yet have fallen.

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