The case against beautiful things.

You know the term “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

Well, this is why we can’t have beautiful things. Anymore.


First, beautiful– Of beauty, magnificence, or representing an abstract feeling of good, of love.  Both natural and supernatural.  Both literal and figurative. Almost always subjective.



Athletes find beauty in effort. In victory and in hindsight, DEFEAT.


Runners on a trail eye to eye with a deer or overwhelmed by the sunrise off the canyons or the dew or through their breath.


Some think a baby crying for the first time is beautiful.  Nope;)  But, the first time they lock eyes, for sure.  Call you daddy, hell yeah!


Are weddings beautiful?  Sometimes. But more beautiful is hot food in a messy kitchen at 10pm when you walk in the door for the millionth time.




Is       death                            beautiful?


Unfortunately, kind of.


But then. Nothing is ever beautiful again.


When I lost my dad last fall I felt nothing but love, and sadness.  Never angry.  And a little time has passed and I get pissed here and there.  You know what really pisses me off though?


The beautiful things


The sunset


                        music that moves and my sons and


the trails


and the clouds from the airplane and my wife.


The early mornings and movies and you know what?



I can see BEAUTY in everything. I think I always have but damn…


                                                              It all sucks.


I hate the way it feels and the way it doesn’t make people feel.  I especially hate the way it doesn’t make other people feel.



And I hate that he isn’t here to share it all.  Or is he?


I’ve never noticed so much beauty in my life.









I hope you find beauty too.



The author is the host and founder of Athlete On Fire.  Every once in awhile, he blogs about real stuff and the thoughts that come quickest. He is also writing this p.s.!