BU:07 Becoming Ultra: The guide to your next trail half marathon from Ian Sharman.

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Ian Sharman has been coaching Julia Sentes for almost 2 months now. There is way more than coaching, and life for that matter, than just running. Jules had some personal stuff come up today, and you know what, that’s just fine. We will learn more about why she couldn’t make it later but for now, we have a special episode! Ian Sharman will be coaching us through a trail half marathon. What to do the day before? Morning of? We go over the physical and the mental. Trail etiquette and race etiquette. We even go over post race nutrition a bit. For anyone that needs it laid out just a bit more detailed. This will be a good one to listen to. Plus, Jules is running one this weekend. . Enjoy the Becoming Ultra show presented by Athlete On Fire  

Watch the full episode here:

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