The road to rio goes through Mexico, the journey before the olympics no one knows about!


World Cup #1 Mexico – Always Expect the Unexpected:
Sammy Achterburg


NOTE: Sammy was the first official guest of the Athlete On Fire podcast. I(Scott) have been a part of her journey as a coach, mentor, and friend. She is learning how to tell her story and this is the first of many installments to come. She has just recently returned from the second world cup in Cairo and has an amazing account of that experience. She is hard working, loyal, and deserving. If you would like to contribute to her journey in any way, please contact her as the financial strain of chasing a dream is significant. Hope you enjoy!
The first world cup of the season was finally here! Not only was this the first

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001: Samantha (Sammy) Achterberg: Never knew she was training to be an Olympian.

Samantha Achterberg headshot

In this show learn about:

  • Modern Pentathlon, what is it?
  • How the US Boxing team inspired her.
  • How hunting (yes hunting) made her a better athlete.
  • How to prevent overtraining.
  • Where in the world the sport has taken her.
  • Her favorite inspiring book(by winter Olympian)
  • Who is inspiring Sammy today.
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