How does your journey as an athlete help others find their own?

If you believe, as I truly do, that everyone is an athlete, then you should continue reading. Over your lifetime you will change as a person multiple times. Your politics may change, your sympathies, and your habits are always changing.
Your life as an athlete is going to change as well. If you are like me, you might have started out playing nothing but team sports. Baseball, basketball, and football are what I spent everyday of my athletic life refining and retooling. But then came college, I would focus only on baseball. I got better, I loved it. But then real life came slamming down on me. The working masses don’t congregate in groups of 25 to play organized baseball. So, how about a marathon on a bet? A trail run. A triathlon, obstacle race, kayaking, climbing, snowboarding. You get the idea.
What has your athletic journey been? I’d love to hear it, feature it, dive into the why and how and what’s next. AND, if you feel like you have no journey as an athlete, I would like to hear from you even more. You still have an athletic history and we can tap into it, trust me. We are closer to a process than ever to pinpoint how to convince every single person they are an athlete and you can help.
Can you answer these questions as I did? How has your journey as an athlete evolved. Be general to the sport and we will dive into specifics habits later. Remember, if you don’t feel like you have a story, you do. Let me know.Let me make it easy,


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