Athlete Profiles: 001 Courgette, head stands, cats, and mountain dreams.

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London, UK


What is the best thing about your hometown?

London has the most amazing restaurants – all different cuisines for all different budgets. Plus it’s full of people that all really throw themselves into things, working long hours and running 10 miles through central London to work, everyone being busy and interesting in their own different ways.


Athletic history:

I sailed for Great Britain as a junior and did a lot of ballet. Then at 15 I started prioritising my school work and gave up on everything but studying and then eventually studying and drinking with my friends. I started running for the very first time age 23.


Current athletic passion:

Ultra running and triathlon – with my first ultramarathon in May next year!


Who or what in the world is inspiring you right now?

Pictures of beautiful trails on beautiful mountains just make me want to get out there and run.


What is your favorite single workout or physical challenge that people can try today?

I’ve just learnt how to do a headstand and I love it. It is really about core strength and focus on balance. If you can’t do one, give it a try.


Why do you consider yourself an athlete on fire?

Because I love it. In just the last few years I have picked up the exercise bug and I genuinely love it all – but especially running. It’s not about how far or fast you go, but whether or not you love it. And I keep telling everyone how brilliant running is and how they should give it a try.


What would you say to someone who hasn’t found their passion in sport or life yet?

To keep trying and not to waste time doing stuff they don’t enjoy. If you hate running, that’s fine (I think you’re wrong of course!) but keep trying new things, whether it be exercise-based or art-based or whatever. And if something gives you a bit of a buzz, even if its difficult, keep at it!


Where are you on your athletic journey? Flicker, Flame, or Fire?



What keeps you up at night?

My cat licking my face and purring when he decides he wants fed!


What’s your favorite healthy recipe that anyone can try today?

Roast veg (whatever you have – but I like sweet potato, butternut squash and carrots) with lentils, chopped up baby tomatoes and lots of parsley. Then topped with courgette dip which is made by shopping up courgettes into a pan, adding in extra virgin olive oil, salt and garlic, and cooking it for 30 mins or so, stirring every few minutes. Its delicious!


NOTE FOR ALICE:Thank you so much for sharing part of your story with the Athlete On Fire community. That recipe sounds amazing and the courgette sounds like something new for many athletes! You are definitely an inspiring Athlete On Fire!


Remember. I am, you are, everyone is an athlete on fire!

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