AOF:229 Founding a nutrition company for adventurers, Alaska living, and high level rowing.

Heather Kelly is an adventurous entrepreneur who founded a company to give adventurers amazing options for food in the backcountry, or wherever they end up hungry.

On the show we talk about:

  • She rowed at a high level winning multiple NCAA National Championships so we dive in to technique that might just help you the next time you are using a rower for a workout.
  • She also shares a brutal litmus test workout anyone, YOU, can try.  We share it below.
  • We talk adventures in Alaska including pack-rafting and backcountry adventures.
  • How her mom influenced her path.
  • The psychology of eating
  • Nutrition and considerations for athletes.
  • Why she started her company.

We will definitely be having her back!

Use code “athleteonfire” for free shipping at Heather’s Choice! Try the packaroons!  Amazing.

The Workout Heather Shares

Run One Mile

75 Push Ups

Lunge 100 yards

75 sit ups

Bear crawl 100 yards

Run One Mile