Swim run

AOF:223 Lo Myrick on intentions, start up culture, and a swim-run event everyone should try.

We had a great conversation with Lo Myrick from what the start up culture taught her to why doing things with intention is so important, especially in the morning. We also talk about how she stays fit on the road as someone who travels a lot. She shares a story about a swim run event in the mountains that is a unique take on mountain running and swimming. Enjoy the show!


Lo Myrick is a problem solver, strategy guru, life coach, marketing techie, athlete, and avid traveler. She is most passionate about helping people achieve their goals and being happy! And regardless of where she is, she’s always training to be the best version of herself – physically and mentally.

Lo’s experiences working at a Fortune 50 company (GE), multiple start-ups, being a trained Life Coach, and running her own Consulting business, have given her the perspective and skills to brainstorm, see a vision, and execute. Her key strengths are being able to innovate, problem solve, and turn ideas into reality with a strategic, focused plan.


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