AOF:218 From Mobility WOD HQ, functional training for adaptive athletes.

Max Conserva is back on the show to share a new training protocol he helped develop for coaches and trainers to work better with adaptive athletes.  Before reading anymore be sure to check out the program here.

So many trainers simply pass off the opportunity to work with athletes with prosthetics or other obstacles when it could be a rewarding and inspiring experience for both.

Today, we talk about the road Max went down to make sure he could reach more athletes like himself.  He lost most of a leg to an accident when he was a youngster.  Hear about it here from his first time on the show.  We hope you will love the show and share with a trainer or coach you know!


Note from the host:  Max is a great inspiration.  Showing athletes and trainers that there can be so m uch more to training when it comes to adaptive athletes.  I have personally worked with just about every type of athlete you can imagine.  The challenge and reward to get someone who was told they couldn’t do something for a lifetime is why I will always work with anyone willing to just try their best.  It’s made all the difference in the world in my career.  Here is one of my favorite clients tackling a mountain.


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