AOF:185 March Madness without my dad, unpredictable spring, and fallen innovators.

On the show:

Legend Lost

The late and great Royal Robbins passes away at age 82.  He was a pioneer in rock climbing as the sport we know it today.  Go watch Valley Uprising.  It’s an amazing and inspiring look at the roots of the sport.  Our host, Scott was born just 30 minutes away in West Virginia.


March Sadness

A couple years ago, six friends and the host’s dad migrated to Pittsburgh for the first round of the NCAA tourney.  Now, it’s just a memory.


Snow Day Workout

3 sets for it to count
4 sets for mini beast
5 sets for full on beast!

Fine, if you do 1-2 sets you still matter.

Jumping Jacks or Jump Rope: 1 minute
Mountain Climbers: 1 minute
Push-ups: To Failure
Lunges: 50 (25/leg)
Plank: 1 minute
Step Ups(18-24 inches): 1 Minute
Sit Ups:25
Flutter Kicks: 50/ leg


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