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January 12, 2017 Comments (0) homepage display, podcast

AOF:177 Ever dream of living in the mountains?

Living in the mountains.   


The thought of this is what has forced people from every inch of the globe to pack up and find their home in their dream place.  But, once they got there the work dried out and they reluctantly moved back to where they could make a living.


Aryn Schlicting has a solution for all of you dreamers out there.  Be a pro.  Start your career or continue it in the mountains and use her website to do it!

On the show:

  • What was her journey to living in the mountains of Colorado
  • How did life change before and after having a family in the mts
  • What is a perfect day, including work, in Vail, Colorado
  • What is her site, Mountain Careers all about?



Aryn Living In the High Country

  • Sking with brady
  • Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 9.40.50 PM
  • Aryn_Family_Winter

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