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January 5, 2017 Comments (0) homepage display, podcast, workouts

AOF:176 Three unique workouts, coincidence, and the magic in numbers.

On the show:

  • Three unique workouts to give you some variety early in the year.  Be sure to scroll down to check them out!
  • The launch of Becoming Ultra Season 4.
  • The coincidence of numbers, especially 62.
  • What Roger Maris, the golf majors, and the Green Packers have in common.
  • A new podcast and curriculum for fitness professionals.
  • A simple challenge for the new year, forever.


Three Workouts: Please share, we put lots of time into everything we do at Athlete On Fire.  Sharing is one of our favorite currencies!

  • run1to7
  • bikeset
  • bearcrawlworkout

Feel Free to print or save so you don’t forget to do them!

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