AOF:171 The Texas Water Safari, Ultimate Suck, and other feats of unique endurance.

Our guests are two of the most accomplished and intense endurance athletes in the world.  One, the World’s Fittest Man and event director, the other a two time Ultimate Suck Champ and all around athlete.  Listen to a few of their most recent adventures and you might even find a few little tricks in your own adventure.

On the show:

  • The Texas Water Safari is no joke.  Hear about the teammates adventure in the Texas heat.
  • What is the Ultimate Suck? What does it take to win?
  • Hear about the newest series from Endurance Society.

Vacation…just kidding. 50 hours in that Texas heat is no joke.
Endurance is a family affair.
Gut Check Fitness…The culmination of a lifetime of passion to get people moving.

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