AOF:150 Warren Pole From journalist to ultra endurance to a start-up that helps athletes!

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Warren Pole got into journalism to be around his passion, motorcycle racing.  It just so happened that he loved journalism. This love would bring him around the world to cover stories and take part in many adventures.  He signed up for one of the worlds toughest foot races with only a 10k under his belt.  This started a new passion for him, ultra endurance.  This new passion led to the creation of the start up he is building for athletes around the world.  An amazing story of how our passions lead to invention and the journey along the way.  Enjoy this Athlete On Fire


On the show:

  • How his love of motorcycle racing got him into journalism
  • Where in the world some of his stories took him
  • The decision to sign up for one of the toughest races in the world with no experience
  • The end of journalism, for him
  • How ultra endurance became a new passion
  • The need he created a business for
  • Some of the struggles of being a small start up

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Happiness shall always be found by those who dare and persevere; wanderer – do not turn around, march on and have no fear 


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