AOF:146 Basketball, a lifetime sport and settling the “I’m getting too old argument.”

The American representative from FIMBA joins us today to talk about the organization that is organizing masters level basketball competition all over the world.  He got his start as a guard at Boston College in the late 70’s and his love for the game has never let down.  He shares how he stays fit for the game he loves as well as some entrepreneurial endeavors he has started in the space.

Things we talk about:

  • How he got involved with FIMBA
  • The longest he has ever gone without playing basketball
  • How he got started at the park as a 5 year old with a big mouth
  • What it means to see other men in their 70’s and 80’s stilling playing, and talking trash
  • What’s next for FIMBA
  • A quote that moved him from Nick Saban
  • What he created that may be the next or first big animated character in sports commentary.
  • His favorite country and quote
  • How to get involved in masters basketball



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1968 JS in grade school- Early on in Jim’s lifelong love of the game.

JS speaking with Mike copy

Mike Raffone hanging with Jim.


FIMBA Italy 3


Jim’s Blog

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