All-In Athlete:01 Obstacle racing elite launches the All In Athlete Show!

The All-In Athlete with Ryan Atkins:

Ryan Atkins is absolutely dominating the obstacle racing world right now. Off the course though, he is a thoughtful and interesting athlete trying to find out what make the best do what they do. He shares training advice(you should listen) and interviews other interesting athletes. There are race reviews and upcoming races to go over as well. Most podcasters are a little rusty when they start but like any good athlete, Ryan finds his stride about ten minutes into the show. Enjoy this new podcast with the Athlete On Fire Network!

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  • Ryan makes an introduction and lets us know about some of the races he has competed in recently..


  • We get a chance to hear from Ryan’s fiance, an obstacle racer in her own right and fun interview..


  • Want some training ideas?  Ryan shares them on the show!!


  • What’s next for Ryan as far as racing, adventure?


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You have to check out Ryan’s FB Athlete page too!

Ryan Atkins


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