All Day Athletes:05 The first ten minutes of your day.

This post is part of the series “All Day Athletes”.  To read the first of the series click HERE.


Everyone is busy.  But even worse, everyone thinks they have to put one continuous hour of exercise together to reap any benefits.  That is simply not true. The cumulative effect of exercise can be met with short sets.  This post is about taking that first ten minutes of your day and revving up the engine that is your metabolism.  It’s great for your mind too!

Before we share the workout:

Here is a featured podcast of an athlete who always gets their day started right:
David Clark – An inspiring story of overcoming personal demons.  He starts every day grateful. He is a great social media follow for a positive message too!



This workout is best for:

  • Anyone who wants to get more efficient with their movement
  • Anyone who wants to find a better way to start the day.
  • Anyone who has ten extra minutes(everyone)
  • Anyone.


Moving is a powerful thing.  ONe of the best sayings ever. “Don’t wait to feel good to move, move to feel good.”  Well, when you first wake up in the morning you really don’t have time to decide if you feel good or not so get that blood flowing and then decide.  Besides the extra oxygen to your cells, increased awareness, better digestion, and endorphin kick, getting up and moving will make you a more disciplined athlete and person.  A good thing for life.  Enjoy!

NOTE:  This is a suggested workout for people that understand their own limits, have been cleared to exercise, and want to improve their fitness in a busy, busy world.


Your first 10 minutes.

Needed: A timer.


Do the below exercises for one minute each.  Then, destroy your day.

  • Deep body weight squats
  • Calf raises
  • Plank
  • Reverse crunches
  • Bridges
  • Situps
  • Push-ups
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Plank
  • Deep body weight squats


All Day Athletes will be a regular series on how to get the most out of your busy day no matter what level you are as an athlete, and yes everyone is an Athlete! These will help you get on track and at the very base, think differently about your training.

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