093 Nathan Welton: The strongest case for travelling, slowing down time.

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Our guest has travelled the world and he will tell you why you should too. An avid and strong climber, he shares an inspiring story of strength and will as his climber wife plunged 50 ft into a crumbled hump at his feet. What happens next gave me the chills for a good part of the interview. He shares a philosophy on “doing what makes you tick” he defines athlete to a tee. He recommends two fitness challenges you can do while listening and his general outlook and story telling is going to keep you on for the whole show. Enjoy this installment of the Athlete On Fire show![/bgsection]

“Do what makes you tick.”

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In This Show We Hear

  • His roots in Santa Barbara
  • One of the best perspectives on travel we have ever heard
  • Why he says to “do what makes you tick.”
  • The miraculous recovery from an awful climbing accident
  • How he got into climbing
  • How he started into photography
  • A couple great 30 minute workouts
  • The 60 year old that climbed a 5.14a
  • What’s next?


Athlete Defined

“Engaging in something that takes heart physically and mentally.”

Crazy Story

Everyone gets poison oak.

Connect With Nathan


Santa Barbara.

Other cool stuff from the show:

Rannveig Aamodt– Nathan’s wife, who he talked about in the show.
The 60 year old that climbed the 5.14a



If you liked this guest, we’ll keep you in the loop. Just click here.

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Fitness On Fire: Nathan

Listen to his challenge on the show or go to our brand new Fitness On Fire page to learn more.

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