082 Chris Davenport: Big mountains, big causes and why anything goes.

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If you ever had that itch to do something big. Something bigger than yourself but you just never acted on it, then this guest is here to inspire you. Besides a career and life spent pushing the boundaries in the mountains he continues to challenge himself. One day, he was riding his bike and an idea popped into his head. Why don’t I ski all of the Colorado 14ers in one year. That was it. He was obsessed and had to make it happen. This story and so many others from an adventurous elite athlete will get you stirring to try and do amazing things. Enjoy this installment of the Athlete On Fire show.[/bgsection]

“If you need to stop, I’ll stop with you.”

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In This Show We Hear

  • His favorite climbing spot in the front range
  • Growing up ski racing
  • The Ted Ligety/Bode Miller story/li>
  • Why he had to hike and ski all 54
  • Continental v. Maritime snow pack
  • The gain on Aspen 24hr event
  • Some 14er history
  • What he is working on now
  • Risk management strategy for work and play


Quote on Fire

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Quiz on Fire

We quiz him on Davenport’s from all walks.

Connect With Chris

Success Habit

Working hard.

Book on Fire:

50 Classic Ski Descents

Other Cool Things From The Show:

Note About Our Sponsor:SOLE

SOLE contacted Athlete On Fire 6 months ago and we have been working on telling stories of amazing athletes they were already working with. This and other shows in the future are meant to inspire you to get out there to do amazing things. We inspire with words, SOLE with products! We are excited and grateful to have a company of inspiring people partner with us! Be sure to listen to the show to find out how to get 15% off any SOLE product!

Fitness On Fire: Chris Davenport

Listen to his challenge on the show or go to our brand new Fitness On Fire page to learn more.

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