Joe-Decker interview

008 Joe Decker: “Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

In this episode our guest takes us on his journey as someone who has truly lived and has the stories to show for it. From early rough and tumble days on the farm to jumping out of planes in the military, drug addiction to conquering some of the world’s toughest events in one year. Joe Decker lays it all out in this inspiring session of Athlete on Fire.


In this show learn about:

  • His hardcore childhood and how it shaped him
  • How his life almost ended to addiction in New Orleans
  • How he traded one addiction for another
  • What decision he made at 30 to change his life
  • What amazing feat inspired him at Badwater 135
  • Why losing is good for you
  • How far ahead he visualizes for an event
  • How his clients have inspired him

“I’m pretty weird across the board.”

Success Habit:

  • Visualization- Like many Athletes on Fire he delves into how he visualizes as much as 6 months away from an event.

Quote on Fire:

  • “Don’t think, just fuckin do, become robotic.”
  • “I’m definitely not normal.”

Book on Fire:

“I can shut pain off”

Connect with Joe Decker:
Twitter: @gutcheckfitness
Facebook: @joedecker

Athlete on Fire resources inspired by Joe’s interview:

Badwater 135– He talks about an amazingly inspiring moment here.
Barkley 100 – Read about the 15 finishers EVER, here.
Chris Moon– The subject of his moment at Badwater.

“I was sloppin’ hogs, weedin’ beans, buckin’ bales”

Other events mentioned:

Leadville 100
JFK 50
The Suck
Raid Gauloises

Joe - Car deadlift


Fitness on Fire

Joe has a challenge for you all to try out next time you run, ideally while you listen to his show.