072 Miguel Medina: From serious spinal surgery to elite obstacle racer.

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“Outwork me.” This is the quote of our guest and we would be surprised if you could. He had severe spinal stenosis that led to staff infection and had to have back surgery to fix it all. He came back. Slow at first but all he wanted to do was move. He wanted to run at all times and it continues today. This elite obstacle racer is a first generation Mexican-American who spent his childhood playing video games. He is spreading his energy and insight to inspire others to get out there and challenge themselves to be great. Our guest is a passionate, young athlete and you’ll want to go move after listening to his story on this episode of Athlete On Fire![/bgsection]

“It’s gonna be okay dude.”

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In This Show We Hear

  • That he is a 1st generation Mexican-American
  • That is a big gamer(Halo)
  • The Channel 34 connection in LA
  • How Netflix can help us all learn a new language
  • All about his severe spinal stenosis
  • The broken ankle at the Iron story
  • A 45 minute wall sit with resistance
  • Chapman Hill, Durango
  • A day in the life


Quote on Fire

“Outwork me.”

Quiz on Fire

He says he lives by Spartan Law. Let’s find out how much he knows about it.

Connect With Miguel

Success Habit

Working hard.

Book on Fire:

The Egyptian

Fitness On Fire: Miguel

Listen to his challenge on the show or go to our brand new Fitness On Fire page to learn more.

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