62 Miles: Grateful Suffering

I get these ideas.  You do too, I’m sure, but when it sits there banging around in my head the only thing I can do is go for it.  Yeah, it probably drives my wife crazy occasionally but she is kind of the same way so it usually works.  So, when I told her I had to run 62 miles on my dad’s first birthday after passing, she just said “of course.”   She knew it would be therapeutic, and it was.
The course was made up by mapping a few of my dad’s favorite spots in the state of West Virginia, pretty close to where he and my mom retired.  Spruce Knob, the highest point in the state is where we would begin running 13 miles down a newly paved road at 3 am.  It used to be a dirt road which our quads would have appreciated. We dropped about 3000 feet on that first half marathon.


Then we would climb up a country road behind Seneca Rocks on the North Fork Mountain trail.  To get to the trail was a 1800′ climb over 5 miles.  We would fuel up and head to the 26 ish mile, zero access trail for the toughest part of the run.  It was slow going but really pretty, minus the roots and rocks of course!
We got to the end around mile 45 and met some family, got some water from the spring, and hopped in the river to clean up a bit.  Then for the last 17.  3 flat, 7 straight up, 7 flat (ish).  We finished in the Dolly Sods wilderness under the stars late at night with friends and family to celebrate his birthday.  Shannon, my sis made this video to capture parts of the experience.
Have an idea that is personal and physical?  Let me know and I’d be happy to give some advice on how to make it happen. It’s what I do!