056 Jamie McDonald: how saving for a house and not buying it changed his life.

Our guest today thought he new what he wanted. Turns out he was just trying to get what everyone else wanted. He saved for a house for three years and when he was ready to buy, decided he wanted more. He contacted the local hospital and started on the journey he is now on, a “fundraiser adventurer.” Listen to his story about the journey on a second hand bike from Bangkok to Gloucester. He got caught in a war zone on the way which was an amazing story. Listen as he shares how he broke an amazing Guiness World Record on his return. Lastly, he shares how he manages to run across Canada, the equivalent of 200 marathons. He is a great story teller and the adventure he went on takes us on an adventure all our own. Enjoy this episode of Athlete On Fire!


In this show hear:

  • Why NOT buying a house changed his life.
  • All about his route from Bangkok to Gloucester
  • The 15 year old fostered boy that boxes
  • Why untying a knot left such an impression
  • 3 way to mentally get through tough physical challenges
  • About the disease that affected his childhood
  • Why you shouldn’t ask how he is doing
  • His unique challenge for you, it’s ridiculous
  • What Guinness record he broke and how
  • What it means to be a fundraising adventurer

“Canada seems to be quite cold.”

Success Habit:

  • Persistence.

Quote on Fire:

  • “Embrace the pain.”

Quiz on Fire:

      Having too much fun on his journey’s.

Book on Fire:

Long Walk To Freedom

Connect with Jamie:

Twitter: @mrjamiemcdonald

Fitness On Fire: Jamie

Listen to his challenge on the show: Jamie asks you to run across Canada,seriously.
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