047 Joff Summerfield: Traveling the world on a penny farthing !

Our guest is first and foremost an adventurer. He started in the world of motor sports and eventually came upon penny farthings. Yes, those crazy old school bikes with the giant front tire. He began building these after taking some notes at a museum. His talent and passion allowed him to build the very bikes he would ride all over the world. Join us to learn how he prepares mentally and physically for these amazing journeys. He is truly an Athlete On Fire!



In this show hear:

  • How heavy his first designed penny farthing was
  • How he spent the millennium new year
  • How his bike disarmed people when traveling
  • Why he has a map when he travels other than navigation
  • His mental prep for such a big trek
  • Why you need to have a strong personality to travel
  • You have to be okay being by yourself.
  • His amazing story of humanity in China
  • How he handles long stretches on the road mentally
  • Why you should run people over
  • Why he carries a dog whip

“He was a rubbish runner but he always went for it.”

Success Habit:

  • Taking action.
  • joffprof4

Quote on Fire:

  • “Never give in.”

Quiz on Fire:

      Having too much fun going around the world!

Book on Fire:

Touching The Void


Connect with Joff:

Twitter: @joffsummerfield

Resources mentioned during the show:

Adventure Capitalist– Book about traveling the world in search of investable countries.

Fitness On Fire: Joff

Listen to his challenge on the show: 50 miles on a fixed gear on your bike.
Links coming soon(FOF is going through a redesign)!

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