043 Nickademus Hollon: The young warrior on getting slapped, Mr. Goggins, and 10 mile cool downs!

Our guest is an an amazing young athlete. He is accomplishing things that seem absolutely unreasonable and he just had his 24th birthday. The youngest finisher of the Barkley Ultra shares that experience. He won the Fuego Y Agua Survival Run in Nicaragua and shares that experience as well. He takes you through a few specific training sessions that are sure to work you well. You are going to be impressed on how cerebral he is regarding training physically and mentally for the endurance sports he loves. His training advice for other young runners and athletes is great and you are going to love the story of how his mom motivated him in an event. Enjoy this episode of Athlete On Fire with an inspiring young man!


In this show hear:

  • How old was he when he finished first marathon?
  • Learn about his extreme start
  • Learn about his fruit abuse issue
  • Why his mom slapped him, hard!
  • How anger played a part in his running
  • His David Goggins experience
  • His Copper Canyon story of perspective
  • His Barkely Ultra history!
  • How to stay present on a run
  • What Fuego y Agua was like
  • His Spanish and Anthropology background

“I was hallucinating, dying, didn’t know who I was…”

Success Habit:

Quote on Fire:

  • “Never show weakness.” David Goggins

Quiz on Fire:

    Skipped it, having too much fun!

    Book on Fire:

    Running With The Buffaloes



    Connect with Nick:

    Twitter: @ultrademus
    His Blog


    Resources mentioned during the show:

    Born To Run Ultra
    Copper Canyon Ultra
    David Goggins Website

    Fitness On Fire: Nick

    Listen to his challenge on the show: 20 min warm up, 6×100, 10 min at threshold,3min rest, 4 times. Ouch!
    Links coming soon(FOF is going through a redesign)!

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