036 Joe Grant: “I am certainly drawn to wild places.”

Our guest is an adventurer first and foremost. His attraction to wild and beautiful places has led him to where he is today as an inspiring ultra runner, coach, and photographer. His website alone will leave you awestruck and ready to hit the road, trail, rail, or air! He shares what works for him on the trail and some amazing insights from his crazy adventures including a crazy incidence at the Hardrock 100. His early days were spent in Europe with teacher parents and he shares some of those experiences.



In this show hear:

  • Rollerblading in France
  • His European roots!
  • His mom at Hardrock in Silverton
  • Where he draws his inspiration
  • 96 miles with a few gels and a water bottle
  • Peeing blood at Hardrock, this can’t be good.
  • Advice on hydration
  • Shares some great trail and ultra tips
  • Building schools in Kenya
  • What his grandfather left for him

“My mom is probably the most stoked person on the planet!”

Success Habit:

  • Consistency- Trying to get out every day. Getting the nourishing aspects of being outside. Who can’t do that?


Quote on Fire:

  • “You pack your insecurities.” Roman Dial

Quiz on Fire:

    More travel! We love to go all over the world with our guests. France(Nantes), Nepal, Alaska, and Ethiopia!

    Book on Fire:

    The Abstract Wild



    Connect with Joe:

    Twitter: @alpineworks
    His Website

    “I am certainly drawn to wild places.”

    Resources mentioned during the show:

    Dave Johnston’s Iditarod Record– Wow, 350 miles pulling a sled.
    Bekele’s 10k WR attempt Joe mentions.

    Fitness On Fire: Joe

    Coming soon(FOF is going through a redesign)!
    Derek Hynd– No fins surfing!

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