024 Ryan Atkins: On how to be the toughest of all mudders.

Our guest started from humbling roots in unicycling. You heard that right! From a champion unicycler to world class endurance athlete, he take us on a pretty sweet journey that includes some ridiculous feats. He also shares some of the ways he prepared for the World’s Toughest Mudder and why it’s so important to be strong for endurance!



In this show hear:

  • About his world champion unicycle days
  • How many miles, obstacles, and hours he ran at the TM
  • His inspiring story from the Toughest Mudder event
  • His general training philosophy
  • What a day in the life is like
  • How much climbing he gets in per week running
  • How much body weight strength he does
  • His pull up game
  • What his mileage/week is
  • How many pull ups he can bust out in a row

“By the end, my shoulders had basically shut down.”

Success Habit:

  • Run drill- He does lateral movements and plyos when he runs by himself. Great for stability.


Quote on Fire:

  • “Just keep running.”

Quiz on Fire:

      He’s Canadian, had to ask about some of the best to come out of Canada!

Book on Fire:




Connect with Ryan:

Twitter: @ryanatkinsdiet
Blog: Check out the Death Race he jsut won!

“I don’t think what I am doing is too special.”

Resources mentioned during the show:

Blue Rodeo– Band out of Canada he mentions.

Fitness On Fire: Ryan Atkins

Ryan legitimately takes this to the next level. I hope at least one of you try this!

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