Team SISU Pro Team member Christopher “Tough Training” Rutz.

If you run Spartan Races and have even just a passing interest in training and using the great outdoors as a tool for building a better you, then chances are you have seen Christopher Rutz at some point.

An expert trail runner and obstacle racer, Christopher is also a coach and helps others navigate their way through the world of OCR and OCR training. A recent addition to the Team SISU Pro Team, he is an immeasurable wealth of knowledge when it comes to both physical training and nutrition alike.

Join us as Cookie from Team SISU talks with the “King Of The Selfies” about training, blood and early retirement!

AOF:140 To run across the Sahara, Gobi, Atacama, South Pole, Canada…

Ray Zahab is an energetic and informed traveler, runner, and founder of Impossible 2 Possible.

We only had a short time to record this show but it served the interview well. It kept us fast paced and on point.

It allowed for the best moments of Ray’s travels and adventures to surface without the fluff that some audio shows have.  More below the images


Death Valley Extreme run.. with Ray Zahab, Chris Roman and Will Laughlin(runners)… Bob Cox, David Bohn Support crew plus others

Death Valley Extreme run.. with
Ray Zahab, Chris Roman and Will Laughlin(runners)… Bob Cox, David Bohn Support crew plus others

I asked some pretty interesting questions, to me anyways. Here are a couple that really stood out:
  • Where in the world is the best place to stargaze? Figured someone who has been to the most remote and least light polluted places on the planet may have a good answer for this one.
  • Give up one: sight, hearing, use of legs.  Because I know people without these things I always wonder what it would be like, but if you could choose?  Just curious I suppose.
  • What is you favorite Matt Damon movie?  There is a legit reason for this one, you’ll have to listen.

Ray was a blast to interview and his shows holds it’s own against any of our previous guests.  Give it a listen.  If you like it, share with someone who may need an adventure.

The podcast with Ray Zahab

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I am.

You are.

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