24 Things To Help You Reach Big Goals

24 Things You Must Understand to Reach Any Big Goal

by: Ian Warner | coverground.co


We all have goals, whether we write them down or just set them in our minds we have places we always see ourselves being better tomorrow than we are today. These are the goals that we do not go a day without thinking about. I have learned throughout my journey that there are some key principles that you need to understand to find a successful moment. I really wished someone had told me some of these things early in life, so I figured it was my duty to pass it on.

1. Wanting to Quit is a Good Thing

  • When you want to quit you are usually closest to succeeding
  • If a goal is easy to reach you will never want to quit but you will never actually challenge yourself
  • Wanting to quit is the test to your will power


2. Patience + Hard Work is the Combo

  • If you work hard everyday and know that everything great takes time, you will make it in a big way
  • The two traits are weak without each other but are powerful together
  • Hard work with no patience will last a week
  • Patience with no hard work is just a dream


3. Sometimes You Hit the Jack Pot Most Times You Don’t

  • In “Athlete CEO” we explain some of the rough failures we have had and the lessons that go with them
  • Not doing as well as you expected is not a reason to quit or never try again
  • Not doing well is a reason to learn and get better


4. It looks a lot Easier on the Outside

  • I think people can underestimate just how much work it actually takes to accomplish anything great
  • Before I could ever complete my first book “Endure” I had to write over 500 articles on Cover Ground to learn how to write in a way that an audience would love.
  • Any dream you have you must understand that it is not as easy as it looks… IT TAKES WORK


5. Communication Can’t Break Down

  • Communication is key for everything
  • In any relationship- coach, friend, business partner it does not matter
  • When communication breaks down failure precedes it


6. Embrace Failure

  • When you do fail don’t cry about it or act like the world is over
  • Learn from it and don’t make the mistake again


7. The Passion must be there

  • Anything you are passionate about you will fight through failure for
  • Find the things that you LOVE in life and do them often


8. Love People

  • Enjoy other people as much as you can
  • When you are surrounded by people who love you and you have the same love in return it adds to your life


9. Help People

  • Even when you don’t want to help others
  • Nothing in the world matches how you make people feel when you help them succeed
  • Helping people just changes lives


10. Live for Things Bigger Than Your Own Selfish Desires

  • We all have our own selfish ways
  • We all also have something inside us that drives us to help others
  • When life is bigger than ourselves its easier to press on


11. Expect Nothing in Return

  • The biggest mistake we make when trying to help others is expecting them to help back
  • Expect nothing in return so if you do get something it seems that much sweeter


12. Know that The World is Still a Good Place

  • Bad things happen all the time but so do A LOT of good things
  • See the Positive in the world
  • The negative is most often brought to light so try and avoid it


13. Money is Not Everything

  • Being broke is not fun but money will not answer everything
  • If more money is the only goal you have it will not last


14. You Have to Learn to be Satisfied and Hungry At the Same time

  • Do not be greedy because you must be thankful for everything you do have
  • Do not be satisfied because you will settle and it will get taken from you
  • Be thankful but always be working to get better at the same time


15. You need to be Confused and Lost Sometimes

  • Confusion just means that you are doing things you have never experienced before
  • This is when we grow the most
  • Nothing helps us grow than finding ourselves when we grow


16. You Have to Get Good at Avoiding Distractions

  • When you are not distracted you’re focused
  • If you are focused you are getting things done
  • If you are getting things done you are getting closer to your goals


17. People are going to HATE You

  • It sucks but you just have to deal with it because the more fans you attract the more haters you will also attract


18. Practice, Practice, Practice

  • How else do you plan on getting better?
  • Perfect practice makes perfect


19. You Have to Be Broken Before You Can Be Built

  • Things simply have to get bad before they can be awesome
  • There is something refreshing about hitting rock bottom, the only place you can go is up


20. You Cant Please the World

  • Trying to please everyone is a horrible idea
  • Some people will never approve of what you do


21. Success is Elusive

  • You think you know success and then you get it and find out you want more
  • Know when it is time to celebrate a milestone or else you will always feel like a failure


22. Your Image is Very Important

  • Treat it like GOLD
  • It is all you have at the end of the day
  • Be a person of outstanding character


23. Embrace Social Media

  • Social media can be awesome if you use it right
  • Use it to protect and sustain your image
    Use social media to propel you closer to your dreams


24. Procrastination is Not a Great Idea

  • Do it now because tomorrow is not a promise
  • The worst word you can ever believe in is tomorrow


If you understand these 24 things well and apply this to your life on a daily basis, you will reach your goals quicker and more often. I challenge you to choose 5 things from this list that you have been struggling with an for 30 days straight make it a part of who you are.

Connect with the Author, Ian Warner:

2012 Olympian
Website – Cover Ground 
Twitter- @CoverGround

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All Day Athletes:05 The first ten minutes of your day.

This post is part of the series “All Day Athletes”.  To read the first of the series click HERE.


Everyone is busy.  But even worse, everyone thinks they have to put one continuous hour of exercise together to reap any benefits.  That is simply not true. The cumulative effect of exercise can be met with short sets.  This post is about taking that first ten minutes of your day and revving up the engine that is your metabolism.  It’s great for your mind too!

Before we share the workout:

Here is a featured podcast of an athlete who always gets their day started right:
David Clark – An inspiring story of overcoming personal demons.  He starts every day grateful. He is a great social media follow for a positive message too!



This workout is best for:

  • Anyone who wants to get more efficient with their movement
  • Anyone who wants to find a better way to start the day.
  • Anyone who has ten extra minutes(everyone)
  • Anyone.


Moving is a powerful thing.  ONe of the best sayings ever. “Don’t wait to feel good to move, move to feel good.”  Well, when you first wake up in the morning you really don’t have time to decide if you feel good or not so get that blood flowing and then decide.  Besides the extra oxygen to your cells, increased awareness, better digestion, and endorphin kick, getting up and moving will make you a more disciplined athlete and person.  A good thing for life.  Enjoy!

NOTE:  This is a suggested workout for people that understand their own limits, have been cleared to exercise, and want to improve their fitness in a busy, busy world.


Your first 10 minutes.

Needed: A timer.


Do the below exercises for one minute each.  Then, destroy your day.

  • Deep body weight squats
  • Calf raises
  • Plank
  • Reverse crunches
  • Bridges
  • Situps
  • Push-ups
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Plank
  • Deep body weight squats


All Day Athletes will be a regular series on how to get the most out of your busy day no matter what level you are as an athlete, and yes everyone is an Athlete! These will help you get on track and at the very base, think differently about your training.

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The Athlete Extinguisher- Avoid This Thing to Seriously Boost Your Health

The Athlete Extinguisher- Avoid This Thing to Seriously Boost Your Health

by: Ian Warner | coverground.co


We live in a society that is hell bent on promoting activity, and eating less. You don’t have to go very far to find a new diet craze, or a new workout routine. You don’t have to go far to find people who think they are eating healthy yet they are not. We live in a time where obesity is normal. We live in a time where that guy you thought was healthy because he runs marathons all the time, was actually rotting from the inside and he passes away from a heart attack.  The reason this is happening is because of the athlete extinguisher.


What is The Athlete Extinguisher?


The extinguisher is processed sugar. It is sugar that is rotting us from the insides out. This is why we often see people who are obese and they start working out and they don’t lose a pound. They switch the foods they eat to low fat everything, and they eat more veggies here and there and see no change in their bodies. It is because they have not gotten rid of the sugar.


Foods like protein and fats come with a % of daily intake on labels, but sugar does not! The reason sugar does not is because it would make the label look horrible because something like the syrup we dump over our waffles actually contains over 100% of the sugar that we need in a day.


“It is not about what you do 10% of the time, it is about what you do 90% of the time”  – Tai Lopez


“The % on these food labels being hidden is NOT to your advantage. It is to the advantage of the food companies. It makes people feel better about eating sugar, hence making them more money. The food companies have one goal and that is to get you to buy more food, even if it kills you.


Why is Sugar a Killer?


Sugar converts to fat inside of us.  Sugar is basically empty calories that our bodies do not know what to do with. That is why FAT FREE is a lie.  You could take a bag of sugar and put a fat free label on it because sugar does not go inside of us as fat. Once it gets inside of though it switches to fat.


According to research studies done, our brains respond to sugar in the same way that a drug addict responds to getting some cocaine in their system. I have seen this first hand in my own life to be honest.


When I first tried to cut down on sugar my body went NUTS. I remember I went grocery shopping and only got meat, veggies and fruits for the week. I got home later that day and I knew there was no sugar in the house but I still rummaged through the fridge looking for my fix knowing nothing was there.  I felt like a drug addict!


What Do You Do About It!


  1. Buy better groceries and pay attention to labels
  2. Change your habits
  3. Encourage those around you


Shopping Better


By buying better groceries you don’t give yourself access to the athlete killer. If you buy ice cream and cookies then when you get home you will eat ice cream and cookies. The simplest advice I ever was given was to stay on the outside of the grocery store when shopping. Most groceries have the fresh and natural food on the outer isles. That is where the veggies, the dairy, the meat and the fruit all are.


The second that you start going down the isles, you run into the processed foods that have insane amounts of sugar on them the majority of the time. The more time you spend in the isles in the middle of the grocery store, the chances of buying sugar increase.


Habit Change


Here is the thing about habits, they are really strong but they also can be changed. Before we can change a habit thought we must understand that a habit cycle is taking place. Every habit starts with a cue or a trigger, then there is a routine and then lastly the reward.


Sugar Habit Cycle


  • Cue = Urge for something sweet
  • Routine = Eating something sweet
  • Reward = Feeling satisfied.


The cue probably will not change and the reward will not change so the key is to find a way to change the routine. Now that you are aware of the craving for sugar instead of smashing cookies, you switch your routine to eating a fresh fruit or doing some push ups, or doing something that takes your mind off of food. Everyone has to find his or her own path but the key is to be aware of a negative habit if you want to change it.


Your Support Team


Lastly you want to encourage those around you.


It is hard to stop doing crack if you hang around crack heads.

It’s hard to be successful if you hang around the unambitious.

It is hard to stop eating sugar if you hang around candy lovers.


It’s that simple.


If you help those around you eat better it will help you to do the same.


Sugar is not our friend when we eat the amounts that the average person does. Working out is important to being healthy but sugar is the real cause of obesity.  Free yourself from sugar and you can free yourself from an early death. What changes are you going to make in your life today? What are you willing to throw out? Who are you willing to bring on this journey with you?  Sugar will put you out if you don’t make a change!

Ian Warner is…

Ian graduated from Iowa State University with a business degree while on a track scholarship. He is an Olympian and author of “Endure: An Athlete’s Guide to Faith, Hope, and Success”. Ian instills his hard work and dedication into others and people realize the focus, determination and how hard he trains to become the best.He loves entrepreneurship, but most of all he loves helping other succeed weather it be as an athlete or in business. He is truly an Athlete On Fire!


FIT>50: Time to battle my inner demons.

Inner Demons. They are real.

I knew I’d hit a new low last week when I clicked on the FaceBook link advertising magic diet pills and actually bought the damn things.  Last June I hit all of my weight-loss and athletic performance goals, and my biggest struggle was what to strive for next.  Now, a year later, I find myself 10 pounds heavier wallowing in potato chips, chocolate and diet soda, and eating cookie dough ice cream straight out of the carton.  What is wrong with me?


My Journey

My journey as an athlete has been filled with many highs and lows and unexpected twists and turns.  I’ve learned that I’m not unique in this respect; we all have inner demons.  Mine center on mental toughness and poor nutritional choices.

Depression and…

Depression and self-esteem issues have plagued me most of my life.  Even though I’ve overcome so much in the last four years, my thinking can still get in my way.  I sometimes image my thoughts as the titles of “self-help” books:  Crisis of Confidence ….. How to Sabotage Months of Gain in a Sort Time…… How to Convince Yourself You Can’t Do It…….  etc., etc.  Add a newly developed sleep disorder, a stressful job and the hormone surges of menopause to the mix and, well, I’m a mess.


Eating is tough, for all of us.

As for my nutritional choices, I’ve actually come a long way in terms of my ability to think of food as fuel and understand my body’s needs.  But, alas, I don’t often make good choices.  Intellectually, for some time I have connected my craving for potato chips in the afternoons with my body’s need for an energy boost.  This, I felt, was fueled by my inability to sleep and get my stress level under control.  I didn’t believe I was really going to be able to get my nutrition on point until I could successfully deal with my sleep and anxiety issues.

Did I figure it out?

Then suddenly it hit me. What if I had it backwards?  What if poor nutritional choices were driving my mood and sleep disorders and not the other way around?  Could changing my diet change my outlook? I’ve decided to test my theory; I trashed the magic weight-loss pills and bought a journal.  For the next few months I plan to document my nutritional choices and chart my overall sense of wellbeing (based on sleep, mood and energy level) in order to see how the two are inner-connected.

I will be basing my nutritional choices on the following assumptions:
  • The FDA food pyramid is probably upside down; I will focus on eating lean protein and lots of colorful vegetables and fruits.
  • Processed sugar is every bit as dangerous to your body and as addictive as cocaine or heroin.
  • Modern-day wheat is poison; it has many negative consequences for those that are sensitive to it – and many more are sensitive to it than know it.
  • “Good” fat is good for me.
  • Logging what I eat works for me; it holds me accountable.  But, I will not obsess about calories.
  • Some cheating is OK – even necessary at times.


Currently, I’m four days in.   I’m sleeping a bit better and my depression/anxiety level is much improved.  But, the cravings for candy and other processed carbohydrates are strong and at times overwhelming; I’ve already cheated. Yesterday I wanted to hurt somebody.  This is going to be a fascinating and challenging journey and I hope you can relate along the way.


Karen Adler is…

An educator by trade, runner, hiker and adventure-seeking fitness enthusiast by passion. She explores what it means to be fit after fifty along with the multiple joys and trials that come with age. She is truly an Athlete On Fire!

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