107 Brett Stewart: From ESPN to the top of the obstacle racing world.

WW:41 Weekend Warriors: Top 5 athlete movies. A 15 minute jump rope set for agility and cardio!

106 Madison de Heras: Our youngest athlete on fire Ever!

105 Seyi Smith: How to be world class, from an athlete who is.


Our guest shares some of the most actionable advice we have ever heard on the show. It’s simple, it’s a mindset, it will help you take your effort and lifestyle to the next level. An Olympic sprinter for Canada, his relay team was pretty much heart broken after what happened in the 2012 Olympics. Learn how he plans on coming back stronger, what his training schedule is like, and even some specifc exercises he can’tgo without. Interesting athlete, great storyteller. Enjoy this Athlete On Fire!

“You have to be an athlete every day of every week.”

In This Show We Hear

  • How 2 PhD’s at home effected his mindset
  • Why eat real food?
  • The concept of the 24hr athlete/li>
  • 2012 Olympic DQ
  • A day in the life
  • What cues help him perform
  • How he is prepping for Rio, 2016
  • Why you have to trust the training
  • 4 tips on being world class

Quote on Fire

“Be world class.”

Quiz on Fire

The difference between work and talent.

Connect With Seyi

Success Habit

The devil is in the details.

Book on Fire:

Talent Is Overrated

Fitness On Fire: Seyi Smith

Listen to his challenge on the show or go to our brand new Fitness On Fire page to learn more.

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