092 Michele Yates: Elite Ultra runner and Ridiculously Ambitious race director.

WW:34 Weekend Warriors: One question for the whole year of 2015.

On this first Weekend Warrior episode of 2015 we change it up a bit. If you like to know what is going on behind the scenes of a one year old website and podcast you might like this. There is only ONE question we need to answer this year and that question is revealed on the show. Like quirky fitness challenges? We have one of those too. You can even

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Don’t be a fan , be an athlete.

I hate to break it to you, being a fan is making you sloppy, overweight, unmotivated, lazy, and uncoordinated. It may be making you poor, or sick. It is annoying people you care about and quite frankly, you are probably becoming dumber because

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091 On The Road: An audio review of Rebecca’s private Idaho.

We hit the road, 13 hours of it from Denver to beautiful Ketchum, Idaho. We make the trip for Rebecca Rusch’s 2nd annual riding of Rebecca’s Private Idaho, a gravel grinder race in the amazing Sun Valley. This show is a compilation of some of the most interesting and unique participants in the weekend’s festivities. The ride was great but learning more about the town, the people, and the causes was what really made it so cool. Rebecca even

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090 Haidar Hachem: Diabetes, hashimotos, thyroid cancer, endurance athlete. All of the above.