OR Day One: January 21st, 2015.

096 Craig Percival: Do you know what Everesting is?

WW:36 Weekend Warriors: Always a wolf, never a rabbit.

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Always the wolf and never the rabbit. Well, that seems pretty intense but it is really my wife and my way of not getting caught from behind on a trail. Yeah, we are a bit competitive. This Weekend Warrior is short and sweet and all about past guests, a trip to

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095 Tarran Kent-Hume: I love life, well, I do nowadays…

Why parents make the best endurance athletes.

Contributed by: Lauren Jones

Every once in awhile I contribute to Athlete on Fire and here I am guest blogging for this week’s post. As you may or may not know, Scott and I have 2 young boys and for us it was a difficult transition from our adventurous and spontaneous lifestyle to

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CoolDown: 014 Jason Robillard: Why you can’t stick to a goal, tough love, and PED’s in ultra running and MMA.

094 Austin McInerny: Was there a mountain biking team at your high school?

WW:35 Weekend Warriors: Why kids makes us tough and the first big live event for AOF!

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The Weekend Warrior show is all about what’s going on with Athlete On Fire beyond the amazing athletes we have for guests. Today Scott’s better half chimes in with why having kids makes you tougher for all of your goals. Don’t worry, there are some good updates on the crazy month of January including the first ever

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093 Nathan Welton: The strongest case for travelling, slowing down time.

CoolDown: 013 Sherpa John Lacroix: Bringing back the roots of ultra running.

Sherpa John is back to talk about his new Ultra Running event production company, Human Potential Running. We talk about the mission to bring back the roots of ultra and the community feel Why he puts on multiple free event that are garnering attention in

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