WW:30 Weekend Warriors: Inspiring athletes. Inspiring dad.. More about your host.

From hauling pumpkins to hauling our family back east to hang out with family in beautiful West Virginia during an interesting time in our lives, the backdrop of the Athlete On Fire show is revealed more and more throughout the Weekend Warrior show. We want to get to know you all and we are willing to let you know us better in the process. What kind of amazing clients does Scott work with? What surgery is his dad about to get this time? Why were people hauling pumpkins and

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081 Linsey Corbin: Ironman champion with a unique take on post race nutrition.


Seriously, how many elite triathletes have a beer sponsor for their post race nutrition? Our athlete on fire this episode does and she shares her story of how she came to be a champion at the highest level of triathlon. Learn about her training philosophy and how she mentally prepares before and during big events. Learn why her husband is her inspiration and what she is looking forward to in her career. It’s always a journey in the mind of an elite athlete and this is no exception. Enjoy this Athlete On Fire!

“I’m not done yet.”

In This Show We Hear

  • Growing up in Bend, Oregon
  • Her inspiring endurance athlete parents
  • Spokane to Seattle
  • About her Ironman Austria win
  • How to break things into small building blocks
  • A day in the life
  • Why riding indoors can help mental toughness
  • Some mental toughness tips
  • Who is inspiring her now

Quote on Fire

“Ultimately, you are racing yourself out there.”

Quiz on Fire

Oregon v. Montana.

Connect With Linsey

Success Habit

Working hard.

Book on Fire:

Power Of One
The Boys In The Boat

Fitness On Fire: Linsey

Listen to her challenge on the show or go to our brand new Fitness On Fire page to learn more.

More Athletes On Fire

CoolDown: 009 A twin cities marathon 4th place after a crazy, and challenging summer of racing.

Ariana is back to share her race experience in Minneapolis where she finished within striking distance of a 1st place finish. Coming in 4th is still a good thing and she is now able to focus on training until the February of 2016 Olympic Trials. She shares her prerace routine including

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082 Chris Davenport: Big mountains, big causes and why anything goes.


If you ever had that itch to do something big. Something bigger than yourself but you just never acted on it, then this guest is here to inspire you. Besides a career and life spent pushing the boundaries in the mountains he continues to challenge himself. One day, he was riding his bike and an idea popped into his head. Why don’t I ski all of the

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WW:29 Weekend Warriors: Ride along, race week.

Ride along, literally as Scott is getting ready for the last event of the season. Crunched on time the show is recorded during the pre event storage run and on the ride to the office to get everything set up. Just a candid look into a day in the life of a Race Director . There was also a chance to talk about the amazing Colorado Trails in all it’s colors this fall. Enjoy this episode of the Weekend Warrior on the Athlete On Fire show!


Links We Said We Would Share From The Show:

Trevor Thomas show and the #myblindhike challenge. We just taped ours and will be loading up soon!


More Athletes On Fire


I had the honor to interview the amazing Trevor Thomas. I have interviewed so many inspiring athletes and I always leave feeling energized and ready to do something big. This was no different. He challenged myself and my listeners to go and try to hike a 1/4 mile blindfolded. I am doing it this week and posting with the #myblindhike. It’s interesting. It will give me perspective. It might give Trevor’s blind ambassador program some exposure. This is such a simple challenge to gain some unique perspective. Take it in. Oh, and you might win something. Hope you join us!

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080 Trevor Thomas: Hiker. Adventurer. Blind.


The Appalachian Trail. The Pacific Coast Trail. The Tahoe Rim through hike. These are challenges worthy of any athlete, any hiker. Today’s Athlete On Fire just happens to be blind. Yes, blind. He has hiked many of our classic routes without the ability to see. He wasn’t born blind either. He lived with his sight until a fateful and life changing blindness happened when he was

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079 JJ Yosh: “You have to climb small mountains first!


Our guest today thrives on being surrounded by natural beauty. He has made his career dependant on it as a photographer who has captured the heart of adventure. He shares why he has to train or work out for two hours a day. Who are three

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WW:28 Weekend Warriors: “Vampires, famous people, and New Orleans.

Join Scott as he catches you up on the happenings with his event company and behind the scenes of Athlete On Fire. What did Vampires have to do with his weekend? How is he involved in a great charity bringing sound to the less fortunate? Hear about

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078 Rebecca Rusch: “You either pay now or pay later.” The queen of pain.


You have to be pretty darn tough to earn the nickname “The Queen Of Pain.” If today’s guest is anything, it is tough. We try to take you on a journey with her through her life and career as an inspiring athlete who has been a world class adventure racer, paddler, and more recently, mountain biker. Learn how she is able to mentally and physically perform at the highest level. Find out why

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