070 Aaron German: 16 tough mudders for something he believes in.


Have you ever run for a cause? Well, today’s guest takes that concept and goes all in. He is running all 16 Tough Mudder events in the UK for Help for Heroes, a charity he believes in and is raising money for in his efforts. You have heard the story before. After quitting smoking and losing weight he tried one of

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069 Reese Ruland: “Toward the mountaintop inch by inch.”


Coaching is a very time consuming thing but for anyone who truly loves to help young athletes, it’s worth every minute. Throw in the fact that you are a sponsored athlete and a race director and you have one very busy person. Learn what it takes to organize and put on a high altitude mountain race. Here how she

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WW:22 Weekend Warriors: Camping with fellow athlete and mountain bike radio founder(and little dudes.)

Ben started Mountain Bike Radio a few years ago and was one of the main inspirations for Athlete On Fire’s inception. Today for the Weekend Warrior show we record the morning after camping out with our two young boys. Besides the

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068 Chris Burkard: Arctic surfing, deathly travel, and how one photographer turned a passion into his life.


Bone chilling, amazing and awe-inspiring would be a few ways to describe our next guests body of work. A California based photographer go to the ends of the earth to capture amazing athletes, mostly surfers, engaging the wild around them. The juxtaposing of athlete and artic swell will

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067 Joel Runyon: Do the impossible in fitness, business, and gritness.


How many times have you heard someone say that something is impossible? How many times have you thought something was impossible? Well, today’s guest is making a life and a living out of proving people that nothing is impossible. We talk about Cold Shower Therapy. A simple concept that can change your mentality on a daily basis and this was way before the ALS ice bucket challenge! He has some great stories and be sure to listen to his amazing newest “impossible” journey, the

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The rutbuster: 5 ways to get out of a rut in work, life, and fitness.

Sometimes it happens. Sometimes you just can’t get all you need or think you need to get done. This leads to more stress and less action. It’s a vicious cycle and it has been studied and documented at length. What I want to do is to give you some things I do to get out of that cycle. Since it is different for everyone, I hope one of these helps you turn things around when you are in the rut of all ruts.

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066 Amelia Boone: Strong people are more useful.


Chances are, you have probably participated in an obstacle race. After all, millions and millions of people have last year alone. Well, in today’s episode we are inspired by one of the best obstacle course racers in the world. She has a regular job and works her butt off every

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WW:21 Weekend Warriors: The Rutbuster: 5 ways to get out of a rut in work, fitness, and life.

You know the feeling when you just can’t take action no matter how much you know it will help? That’s a rut my friends. Today we get away from the format and talk about 5 ways to go through a goal instead of around one! This is good for

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065 Anthony Thompson: The Kokoda Trek in Papua New guinea.


Did you know one of the first battles the Japanese lost in World War II took place in Papua New Guinea? The Australians held the Japanese off in a historical battle and our guest today travelled the Kokoda Trek where it all took place. Part amazing athletic feat and adventure and part

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064 Kelsey Campbell: How she wrestled on a bet and ended up in the olympics.


What have you done on a bet? Did you ever end up making the Olympics from that? Yeah, didn’t think so. Today’s guest did. Some guy friends in high school bet the athlete that she couldn’t hang with the wrestlers and from there it just gets better. She talks about walking on at Arizona State University and wrestling Anthony Robles for the first time. She speaks to persistence and coming up poor and resourceful as a kid in Oregon. She is a closet performer(her term), and loves the idea of changing the world. There have only been

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