017 Joe Fejes: Multi-day endurance specialist and general freak of nature.

Our guest runs far. No you don’t get it. He runs very, very far. The American 6 day record holder shares his story of when he started running. He shares how he got hooked and how

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CF:001 CouplesFit founder Chris Kretzer is contributing to Athlete on fire!

“I’d Like To Introduce Myself for Athlete on Fire”
by: Chris Kretzer of CouplesFit

5 minute read

As an athlete, you are focused, disciplined and determined to win. For everyone those goals are different, and the journey there is always a CHALLENGE. The choices made determine your success or failure, and

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016 Anna “Frosty” Frost: Mountain lover, world traveler and inspiring trail runner.

Our guest is a mountain runner to the extreme. Listen as she takes us all over the world and to some of the most amazing places anyone could dream of running! She paints an amazing picture of her hometown in New Zealand and

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015:Matt Frazier:The no meat athlete on fire

Our guest started eating vegetarian and ended up qualifying for the Boston Marathon. That is just where his journey starts. The founder of NoMeatAthlete.com has great insights on everything from the power of deliberate practice to

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014 Matt Fitzgerald: From Dr. Seuss to inspiring Ethiopian marathoners, this story has legs.

In this episode our guest takes us on his journey as a young athlete who was inspired by his amazing dad at 11 years old to start running and writing. His success as an author and authority on endurance sports is shared in this

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What higher education didn’t teach me and other fitness professionals.

There are few things that create unwarranted arrogance than higher education. I never knew how much I thought knowing things could make me feel superior. Even when I was applying this amazing knowledge there is an undertone in grad school, in my experience, that has to be beat out of you in the “real world”. See the image below for what I have learned.

My buddy Brent Thacker of Train Anywhere Fitness and I went to grad school together and we had a long conversation about how arrogant we must have been right out of school. Thinking back to our early days in health and fitness we used big words to impress clients instead of trying to find out what they needed from us. We sited research that I know for a fact has changed since then but it put us on a pedestal at the time. We thought less of trainers that had less education because it made us feel superior when the truth is that if they could truly reach someone it probably didn’t matter as much as we wanted to believe. We have both changed our thinking so much and without speaking for my old college buddy, I will say we are geared up to make a REAL difference now. I am trying to humble myself as a professional and human being and I hope that comes across with Athlete On Fire. I hope other college educated industry professionals can relate.

Do you have a story that can relate to this? I’d love to hear about it and feature it on a show! Was a trainer arrogant in a situation? Are you a fitness professional that feels the same way?

Email me at athletesonfire@gmail.com
Scott Jones

013 Amanda Brooks: From the corporate world to life as a runner and pro blogger.

In this episode our guest shares her story about her transition from the corporate world to the life that she “feels like the luckiest person in the world” living. She is a runner, coach, speaker, and

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012 Curt Tomasevicz: Ex Cornhusker, bass guitarist and Olympic gold medalist.

In this episode our guest takes us from his early days growing up in a small town in Nebraska and how that town inspires and supports him. He goes on to talk about his football days at Nebraska, playing bass guitar, his crazy

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011 Johnny Quinn: NFL receiver, Olympian bobsledder, famous door smasher.

In this episode our guest takes us from his early days playing football in Texas all the way up to the Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills and the CFL. He goes on

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Get moving with #10ADAY .

One of the biggest obstacles to creating good habits when it comes to fitness is always going to be time. After interviewing the first 20 athletes for the Athlete on Fire podcast there is no question

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