114: Jason Fitzgerald Strengthrunning.com’s founder on…running.

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Our guest saw the need for runners to get stronger so they could perform better and get less injured. He was right on. After founding the popular website StrengthRunning.com he has found purpose to help others prevent injuries he and thousands of other runners have gone through. We also get to learn more about his own personal journey as a runner, how to get mentally tough, and some very specific drills for injury prevention. It’s an informative, entertaining session and we hope you throw those earplugs in, go for a run, and take in some running knowledge from one of the best out there![/bgsection]


Prefer To Watch?

Cool, because we recorded on Google Hangouts Live. Got off to a rough start for Scott but he rebounded!

One More Point:

Running is something every single person can do.  No, it may not seem like it right now for some but it has been proven more often than not that you can. You know what else everyone can do? They can get stronger.  Taking the time for preventative fitness and strength is just as important as the primary act of running itself.  If the goal is to run then the goal should be to enjoy running.  And if you enjoy running, why wouldn’t you want to do it as long as possible.  Do those prevention exercises. Jason shares some great stuff in this show so you now have no excuses!

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