113: Mark Jones “You earn everything you want in life.”

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How simplifying everything builds strength. Our guest went all in by moving to Pittsfield, Vermont to test himself, isolate and find himself. And it worked. He trains for obstacle and endurance events and is paying it forward by coaching others. He proves that coming from a personally bad place doesn’t always have to end without taking bigtime action. He has some crazy training resources and a humble story that may move you if you think you need a change. Enjoy this episode of the Athlete On Fire.[/bgsection]


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Cool, because we recorded on Google Hangouts Live. We almost felt like we were in Vermont!

One More Point:

There is a certain humility that we(people) who have been beat up, hurt, suffered loss, or failure, take on as a new, admirable characteristic.  It is not to be confused with weakness.  Weakness is the inability to try. Unwilling to love, or make a fool of one’s self.  Incapable of competing because they don’t want to know what they are made of, or that someone is made of more.  No, this humility is rooted in strength.  The strength to continue to push through the pain. The strength to ask for help.


No, this humility is rooted in strength.  The strength to continue to push through the pain. The strength to ask for help.

And while some of us go through these dark and desperate times, the flicker that we were when we thought we were strong never burns out.  It just waits for the fuel to burn stronger than it once did.  And then, for many, it happens.  First someone lends a hand, or their heart.  Then you decide if they will help me I will help myself damnit. And one twig burns hotter, then brighter.  Then a log, a tree. Then the world around you.  You are back.  But only you know this, but the world can see.

NOTE: Mark of course, is not related.  If we were I may be a better endurance athlete. I felt this may be Mark’s story. We didn’t go this deep but we could never go deep enough to make this conclusion. I just have my suspicion. If you are this person or know this person, share it, you might be the first lending hand.

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