111 Dan “Nitro” Clark: Life is a gift, and I wanted that reminder…”

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His goal was to make it the mailbox at the end of the driveway and back today. Tomorrow, he would go down the street a few more feet. This is the mindset of our guest after he suffers a heart attack and began his recovery. He talks about the importance of taking one day at a time. As on of the original Gladiators on the popular cult classic show American Gladiators he has always lived the life of an athlete. He shares what and who has inspired him along the way. He talks about the mission of the Gladiator Rock N Run he created and why it’s just a bit different. Enjoy this episode of the Athlete On Fire show.


One More Point:

This is a new section of our show notes. We want every page to bring you one of three things; knowledge, inspiration, or entertainment. The goal of the “One More Point” is to bring you a different perspective than even the one you initially listened to or watched the show with.

Dan Clark is a bonafide celebrity. I mean, he has mingled with presidents and befriended movie stars.  I didn’t want to bore him or my audience so before I interviewed him I wanted to make sure I didn’t ask him all of the “hot button” topics. Yes, he wrote a book about addiction and some tougher parts of his life and of course it would have been interesting but I wanted to talk about what he is doing today. And he is doing some amazing things. Building an inspired community with his Gladiator Rock’n’Run events. REcovering from a freakin heart attack. Yes, we go back and talk about his Gladiator days, and it was interesting, and fun. But we didn’t dwell in the past as easily as we could have. And that is the one point. No matter how amazing or interesting our past may be, to be truly fulfilled, we need to continue to make life interesting and fulfilling in the present. Our Gladiator guest has and you can too!

Now, get out there and do something amazing, or simple that brings you joy.

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