107 Brett Stewart: From ESPN to the top of the obstacle racing world.

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Our guest is the co-founder of MudRunGuide.com, the world’s largest obstacle racing website and creator of some amazing and inspiring media. Leaving a comfortable corporate job is way more challenging than scaling 10 foot walls, getting shocked, and testing every physical limit but our guest has been up to the challenge. We talk about living within your means as “smartsizing”. He has written multiple successful health and fitness books, hosts his own show, and offers up some beastly workouts. Enjoy this episode of Athlete On Fire

“It’s not downsizing, it’s smartsizing.”

In This Show We Hear

  • Why he was getting his ass kicked when he was 10
  • How he finally found his stride at 34
  • How he co-founded the biggest obstacle racing website
  • About the OCR Warrior show
  • Strengths vs. weaknesses
  • 3 tips on getting ready for an ostacle race
  • About his editor in chief
  • Why stopping diet soda changed his life
  • About his many health and fitness books
  • His definition of Athlete
  • What’s next?

Quote on Fire

“Learn to fly in the air.”

Interesting Story

How 9/11 shaped his career.

Connect With Brett

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Fitness On Fire:Brett

Listen to his challenge on the show or go to our brand new Fitness On Fire page to learn more.

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