103 Chantae McMillan: The quest to be the best heptathlete in the world.

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Our guest made the 2012 Olympic team with just 4 months of training and rehab after a serious injury. She is now on the quest to be the best in the world in her sport, heptathlon. She moved to a new city to work with a coach she felt would give her the best chance to do just that. We talk about specific training regimen as well as the mental checklist to compete at a high level. Enjoy this Olympic Athlete On Fire!

“Butterflies into killer bees.”

In This Show We Hear

  • How she got into heptathlon
  • Growing up as an army brat
  • A day in the life of an Olympian
  • How she came back from a major injury
  • A good warm up for you!
  • Why she drinks two glasses of water before breakfast
  • A great track workout
  • Why she moved to Pittsburgh
  • The importance of sacrifice
  • Why she helps “Athletes For Hope”
  • What’s next?

Quote on Fire

“Did I get closer to my goal?”

The Mental Game

A checklist for competing.

Connect With Chantae

Interesting fact

She only had 4 months to rehab and train for the 2012 Olympics after an injury.

Inspiring Book:

A Kind Of Grace

Fitness On Fire: Chantae

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