031 Ben Tanzer: This episode will change your life!

Our guest is a passionate runner and writer. His daily runs have led to a writing style all his own and he is happy to share what drives his legs and his thoughts. You might learn a few things about how to get your own thoughts written with some of his tips from the show. Join us for a thoughtful take on a passion so many of our guests share!



In this show hear:

  • His bucolic, idylic start in small town America
  • Where he got his work ethic and why you work every day
  • How his book “99 Problems” came to be
  • What is his minimum running and writing per day?
  • More euphoria from running or writing?
  • You need to read voraciously
  • 3 tips for you to write well
  • Bucket list and Kilamanjaro
  • Why he is passionate that every day has meaning
  • Two words in a pause?

“He was a sorta gangbanger, high school dropout…”

Success Habit:

  • To be as workman like as possible. Don’t wait to feel good to run or write every day.

Quote on Fire:

  • “There is no finish line.”

Quiz on Fire:

    Tanzer roughly translates to Tanzania, to me. So I quiz him on the African country!

Book on Fire:

American Skin



Connect with Ben:

Twitter: @bentanzer
Ben’s Website
99 Problems

“Chicago writers are inspiring me.”

Resources mentioned during the show:

27th Mile
Lost In Space– His newest book.

Fitness On Fire: Ben

New format coming soon!

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