030 Vanessa Runs: Nomads, rvs, amazing trails, and voodoo dolls (kinda).

Our guest takes us on amazing trails and how she came to find trails herself. She gives amazing tips on how to find your own unique way to write and get your ideas out for the world. How to decide what kind of RV you should go for if you decide on a Nomadic way and why we need more Nomads. This was a fun show with tons of unique stories that everyone will be able to relate to!



In this show hear:

  • Living in an RV…all about that
  • From minimal outdoors growing up to this!
  • Where her adventure filled life began, trails
  • How running with the back of the pack inspired her
  • Her Zion 100 trail run experience
  • About time on feet instead of mileage
  • Did she say Voodoo dolls?
  • How to organize your thoughts to write
  • Start with your five senses and tell a story
  • 4 amazing trails

“I was the first one to step out and do anything like this.”

Success Habit:

  • The daily habit of writing and exercising in some form.

Quote on Fire:

  • “May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.” Edward Abby

Quiz on Fire:

Book on Fire:

The Summit Seeker– Her book that covers some of her adventure.
Women Who Run With The Wolves



Connect with Vanessa:

Twitter: @vanessaruns


“You have to go in with the mindset that this IS going to happen.”

Resources mentioned during the show:

27th Mile

Fitness On Fire: Vanessa

Coming soon!

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